It is no secret, to those that know me, that I have an unhealthy obsession. An obsession that has consumed much of my free time since the late 90’s and that will no doubt to continue well into my adulthood. The obsession I refer to is, of course, the crazy world of Pokémon. To some it is a childhood memory, but to millions it is as big now as it has ever been in its near 20 year existence. It has a well established online community that continues to grow year by year.

The latest Pokémon games (X & Y), the first non-spin off Pokémon games partially in 3D, have boosted the franchise to new levels. Increasing numbers are becoming interested in the more advanced concepts and mechanics within the games. These include the breeding mechanic, EV training and shiny hunting.

It is the breeding mechanic that interested me primarily and led to the concept of Breedr.

An Introduction

Breeding is a simple concept within the game:

Pokémon breeding is a method of obtaining a new Pokémon by producing and hatching an Egg. The new Pokémon will inherit certain traits from its parents and this can be controlled through the use of breeding items. Movesets, Abilities, Capture Ball and IVs can all be passed down.

However, the mathematics behind the scenes are slightly more advanced.

The Breedr project was born from my interest in these mathematics and Android development. Very few “Breeding” apps exist for the platform and the overall quality of existing apps is extremely poor. It became my goal to create an app that is both useful for “breeders” and visually appealing.

The app will provide key information to breeders to help them make more informed decisions about their breeding strategy based on their overall goals.

(I will discuss specific features in future, but for the time being I will be keeping these private.)

The Future

The app has been in development for a number of months on an extremely part time basis. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the app has not progressed especially far in this time and this schedule will continue ‘ad interim’.

I can reveal that the app will support devices running Android 1.6+, meaning nearly 100% of Android devices currently in use around the world will be able to run the application. I wanted to make the app accessible globally and target both older players as well as younger players of the games.

Furthermore I can also reveal that I intend to release the application for FREE. The current plan is that app will also contain no advertising. I am a firm believer in free software and believe that an application such as Breedr, despite having a huge target audience, should allow users a great user experience and provide a great service without bombarding users with intrusive advertising.

My stance on this may one day change, but at this time of writing I believe that it is highly unlikely to be the case in the distant future. I may look into the in-app payment route for additional features, but one of my key goals is to keep the app accessible to all.

It should be noted that no iOS release is currently in the works. Depending on the success of Breedr, an iOS version may be created.

Get Involved

The project has just begun and with no release date or timeframe for the completion of the project, I may struggle to find enough time to dedicate to Breedr.

I would welcome and be so grateful for any help from Graphic Designers, Programmers, Web Developers etc. on this project as I believe the end product could be widely used and successful in the community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you wish to get involved.

More information will be released shortly.

About Ed George

A 22 year old developer from Oxfordshire and graduate of the University of Nottingham.



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