“Breedr Update and more”

Happy holidays to you!

I am celebrating Christmas this year with an announcement regarding Breedr, my Android Application side project(s) that aim to provide high quality Android applications for various aspects of gaming with particular focus on games within the Pokémon series.

I am pleased to announce the launch of Breedr’s website - breedrapps.uk where, from here on, updates to the current Breedr projects can be found. I hope that this will allow the projects to be kickstarted into being completed, as many of them are in partially completed states.

In other news, I am also happy to announce a new open source project - NotifJ a Java based library to allow the easy creation of Desktop notifications such as Growl Notifications. It currently supports Growl (v2.1.3) on OS X and will be extended to work with Growl for Windows.

Please feel free to contribute to this, I would love to see this project take off!

I wish you all a happy holiday period and all the best for the coming year.

Yours festively,


About Ed George

A 22 year old developer from Oxfordshire and graduate of the University of Nottingham.



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